Meditation Music

Spa Track trial 1 by Chelsea Ruth Lee

Well, it was only time before I attempted to create a relaxing track for meditation. Enjoy.

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Picture Day

Today is a picture day. This is Loki von Bender and he is usually very camera shy. I got lucky and really loved the cute pose. Just wanted to share. Enjoy.

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Dancing in the Dark

Dancing in the Dark by Chelsea Ruth Lee

I downloaded a few new mix packs, and two of them were house music. As I started to listen to the tracks, I imagined myself dancing in a dark room with glow sticks or fire poi, and it just sort of took off from there. Hope you enjoy!

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Insomnia strikes again

Well, I cannot sleep again. So, back to the music board I go. Thought this time I would create a mix that might lull me to sleep instead of keep me awake. I think it turned out alright. Enjoy.

Complete Chillout Miix by Chelsea Ruth Lee

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Big Bang Throw-Back

I love the big band era! So, I thought I’d try my hand. Hope you enjoy! Cheers.

Big Band by Chelsea Ruth Lee

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Ok, so today is not going to be music motivated but life focused. Over the past six months I have been on a bit of a media black out, to the extent that I have not been on Facebook for more than posting for work and going onto buy and sell pages for Christmas. I have not touched my Instagram nor any other social media sites. Until this past month, I have not been watching youtube videos unless they were educational or motivational in nature.

It has been interesting, but what I found is that I enjoy the time it has afforded me. I have read a book a month, minimum. I have spent time writing and being creative, including making a few graffiti drawings that I have missed doing since 2005.

Although I don’t believe I will go much longer (in fact, I have already started getting back into it a bit), I do believe I have learned how to limit my time to a healthy point.

For some context, prior to July, I spent all of my free time on Facebook, Instagram, or youtube. Now, I know I can be better at limiting my time so I can do other things I enjoy, or things that build me up.

Just wanted to post about my experience and maybe inspire you to also try it out. Really count up the hours you spend on your social media apps and take it back. It may surprise you how much more time you have in a day.


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Oh, The Horror…

The Horror by Chelsea Ruth Lee

This was quite the fun teaser project. There is a mix on JAM that is all Halloween sounds and I just could not resist taking them for a spin. I mixed them wit some dusted tracks to add a little flavour and it worked really nicely. I can see where this might be a great starting point for a much longer track, but for now it is a great teaser.  Enjoy!

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