1 For All…

“Love is an odd concept.  It isn’t at all what everyone thinks, nor is it anything one can express fully.  To express love, one must first encounter it.  Such an ambiguous word it is too, for there are innumerable facets to love.  Every language has a few words, many pictures, and a plethora of stories that attempt to depict love; to somehow help the masses grasp the inexplicable nature of love.  Sadly, none of these have succeeded, save one.  The purest and most true love story of all time…no, it is not Romeo and Juliet or Cleopatra and Antony.  This story is one that gave love its beginning and eternity.  This is a carpenter’s story.”

I wrote these words about a year ago now and had honestly intended to write a full-on story about my take on love.  But then, I realized, I am not much of a story teller.  I am a researcher, a journalist, a teacher, and a lover of prose and poetry.  There was no way in heaven or hell I would feasibly set enough time aside to write a full-fledged story.  So, here I am to put some of my more philosophical, theoretical, and creative shorts to the community – lead with my best foot, so to speak.

The name “Montology” has been birthed from the union of Montage (creating a picture or video by combining many pictures or video shots into one) and the suffix -ology (the study of something).  As I believe that words, ideas, stories, and the like create mind pictures and scenes, combining many of a wide variety of subjects and genres together in this blog is something I would like to flesh out and find what sort of reaction I get…a “study” so to speak.

Truthfully, I am not entirely sure that the study is not completely self-serving, but time will give enough testimony for my ever curious cerebrum to synapse it’s way into or out of some sort of preconceived answer.

In any case, I sincerely hope you enjoy the meanderings of my cortex and the sometimes disjointed array of posts.  1 For All…and I hope you will be All for 1…*smiles*

About montologist

I am a young, aspiring writer who loves research, essays, prose, poetry, and faith based writings. I have strong beliefs and opinions, but am no stranger to critical thinking. I love my God and believe wholeheartedly in Christ and the Holy Spirit walks with me on life's journey.
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