_________ Rule # ______

It has been an extraordinarily long time since I have posted (which, as a new blogger may not have been a wise decision).  So, instead of a long, pointed post about some philosophical discovery I think you should have, this post will be a little silly.  From time-to-time *stares blankly at a wall and hums a familiar Cindy Lauper tune*

…uh, sorry…what was I saying?

Right, from time-to-time I have these experiences that lead to rules about everyday life.  I want to share them with you now:

Doctor’s Visit Rule #105:
If your Doctor suggests liquid nitrogen on something you believe is a keloid scar, JUST SAY NO and take the referral to a dermatologist. The skin around my scar is bubbling!

Being a step mom rule #1: always say I Love You, never expect it in return, and remember, they may not say it, but they always show it in their attitude and actions.

Wedding Day Rule #256: Do not allow your sister/maid of honour tighten your wedding dress after it has already been laced! Half way through pictures, you will not be able to feel your toes!

Charcoal Bbq Rule #52: If you buy charcoal with chemical coating, do not use lighter fluid on first use. (yes, we really did this) Always read the packaging!

Lesson One in apartment living: learn how to tune out the music your next door neighbor’s play…not an easy lesson to learn

Hot Air Ballooning Rule #1: do it! It’s awesome!

Funnel Cloud Forming Rule #578: do not become so infatuated with the funnel cloud forming above you that you forget to bring the dogs inside before it touches down.  Almost learned this one the hard way…darn Twister

Honeymoon Rule#45: if youPhoto: the MindBender plan on doing something that your new husband has never done before but you have, make sure you have something really special planned for right after!

Honeymoon Rule#46: or bring tums with you 🙂


And there you have it, some of the many life lessons I have learned over the years.  I might just have some more later.  Post if you liked this and want to see more.

About montologist

I am a young, aspiring writer who loves research, essays, prose, poetry, and faith based writings. I have strong beliefs and opinions, but am no stranger to critical thinking. I love my God and believe wholeheartedly in Christ and the Holy Spirit walks with me on life's journey.
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