A New Hope

Have you ever had a desire so strong it tore at the very utmost of your inner being?  Something so precious to you, dear to your heart that you could barely contain it?  Has this desire caused you to do things you normally wouldn’t do, or say things you never thought you could?

Oh, I’ve had one of those desires for as long as I can remember.  What is my desire?  To make a difference!  The only problem is, I’m unsure what sort of difference I desire to make!!  It is a vexing conundrum, I’ll tell you!  There is this seriously passionate ache in me that wants to get a message, any message, out to large groups of people…but I never really know what that message is.

For the past few years, the message has been about the wonders of Massage Therapy (which, subsequently, comes with frustrations with certain groups of people who seek to undermine the profession…or who generally don’t care).  Even tonight, I find myself ranting to my very good friend about how much I want everyone in the world to know how amazing massage really is, and to warn them about those who will try to take them for granted for some easy money…as well as to help students choose the best schools, and to stay away from people trying to sell them an education that will leave them no where.

But I am realizing that this is a message…not THE message in my heart.  My difficulty really is searching inside of myself for the true message burning in me.  So, that is my next challenge to myself, and to you: what is the message spoken in the way we live our lives?  Is there more of a purpose to it?  Does it burn in you until you find an out?  What other desires burn inside that must come out?

I believe that everything we do in life is a message or communication of some sort.  What is your life saying about you?

About montologist

I am a young, aspiring writer who loves research, essays, prose, poetry, and faith based writings. I have strong beliefs and opinions, but am no stranger to critical thinking. I love my God and believe wholeheartedly in Christ and the Holy Spirit walks with me on life's journey.
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