About Me

This page seems extremely self serving, so I’m going to play it up as much as as I can while I have your attention.

I am a half city, half country Canadian prairie girl.  Born and raised in the big city, I spent most of my teenage years on a farm rehabilitating and re-socializing dogs while in high school.  Somewhere along the way, I chose to follow Jesus Christ written of in the Bible because He showed himself to me and continues to make Himself known to me.  My faith story isn’t as extravagant as some people’s you hear about, but then again, I rely on logic and reason, so He speaks to me in ways I can hear and identify.  I’ll probably post about that sometime in the near future.

My life’s journey so far has led me down some pretty inexplicable paths, some really amazing and exciting, other heart wrenching and painful – not unlike the stories some of my readers must have.  The most recent and one of the longest paths has been that of Massage Therapy.

After taking the 2200 hour Advanced Massage Therapy program, I set up shop in a small town just minutes from the city, worked as a mobile therapist, and started working in administration at the school I went to. Within a year, I started as the Director of Administration and Admissions as well as instructing Neurobiology (which is why there are post about the nervous system). 

I wanted to start this blog mainly because I needed a place to post my ideas and thoughts that wasn’t Facebook or twitter or any of the social networking sites that stand for nothing more than encouraging clique mentality and mindless drones.  No, I needed something to let my creativity free where people could chose to find it rather than being forced to read it out of guilt of being my friend.  Ain’t I noble *laughs*

Anyways, I am here to get my honest opinions about whatever comes to mind or crosses my path.  I’m not going to lie, some of the ideas I propose may be offensive or not contain all the facts, they may be outlandish at times, or seem ridiculous to some…the truth is, I don’t really care.  I hope people enjoy what I write, but I enjoy it and that’s my main objective.

Feel free to comment, good, bad or ugly.  I’m more than happy to respond or say that I have no use in responding. 


That’s my puppy.  He wants you to love me. Please love me *laughs* just kidding.

What do you think?

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